Sunny Leone is among the rising stars of Bollywood. She is makes news anywhere she goes and her videos and images have been one of the most trending topics. After the fact that Sunny is getting a documentary movie on her life, her popularity has rose to a whole new level.We have all the latest trending news about the sexy star: Sunny has a new fan…a cute and tiny one this time!

Sunny Leone has one of the largest fan following in India. Both men and women go crazy for Sunny and now even small children are loving her! Yes, you heard that right! A recent video and pic posted by the beauty shows that Sunny is also loved by cute babies.

A video has been trending on YouTube and it is the video of Sunny holding a pretty little girl. She apparently took a baby girl into her arms and started talking to her. But when she tried to give her back to her parents, the baby girl clung on to her.


However hard her parents tried, she just did not let go off Sunny. She just kept smiling at Sunny’s words.She posted a pic of her holding the baby girl. Along with the pic she said “She didn’t want to leave me….so adorable.”

She also posted a video of her. Sunny: The face of changing times Though Indian movie industry is still struggling with a brainless censor board that just sets back the quality of many movies, still there is some hope. And that hope has been brought into the industry with Sunny Leone becoming a mainstream actress. The actress has completely revolutionised the Bollywood industry.

Back in our parents days, people would rarely have accepted a full-fledged porn star as a mainstream Bollywood celebrity. But times have changed…the ex adult movie star is currently the most googled Indian female celebrity.

On a recent interview, she said “For someone with my background to cross over to the mainstream, it’s next to impossible. I look at things differently than people do here.

When I watch a movie, sex and intimate scenes and getting close to someone is the norm. It’s not something abnormal. It happens every day.”She endorses Manforce condoms and promotes safe sexual methods.But people are crazy for Sunny leone bikini images than Sunny leone hd wallpapers.

While narrow minded reporters and interviewers may question her integrity over this, the fact is she is opening up Indian minds on sex related topics. She might be the indirect sex ed teacher for the upcoming generation keeping in mind the negligible sex ed provided in our schools. She said “There are a group of people who don’t agree with my choices and are very vocal and don’t like me.

But I’m very fortunate and I have more people that have been supportive. I’m not here to preach anything at all. My goal is, I was given a chance to shoot mainstream cinema.”

The star is all set to revolutionise the Bollywood industry. Her bold nature be it her personality or her roles in movies, certainly earns her more and more popularity. Check this site


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