Deepika is the fittest actress of the industry, says Dino Morea

Dino Morea who has been not seen in movie since ages wants to have a comeback with the top actress of the Bollywood industry. Deepika Padukone undoubtedly is extremely hot and most fit person but Dino we certainly see very less chances if any director would pair you up with her. She might be your favorite and you might be her fan but working together in main leads is much of a task.

Dino present his desire of working with Deepika Padukone at a magazine cover launch featuring him and also Aditya Thackeray. Also Deepika has also underwent in depression, not by listening this news but because she set up an organisation to address such issues. And things like this have become piled up that seems to upset her.


So Dino, I don’t think there might be any chance that you may get to work with Deepika. Dino seems to be positive enough to work with Deepika, as to him Deepika is a different person that reminds him of a different stature, well what heavy words Dino but this might not get you direct to Deepika.

deepika-padukone-workout Deepika-Padukone-fitness-video deepika-padukone-workout-pic deepika-padukone-workout-pics

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Dino also said that he has also considered actresses like Shilpa Shetty, Sunny Leone and Bipasha Basu Basu, who brought up their fitness DVDS, as fit.snapshots-from-sunny-leone-workout-song_144229402720 sunny-leone-3 snapshots-from-sunny-leone-workout-song_144229402740 Sunny-Leone Bipasha-Basu-Six-Pack-Abs Bipasha-Basu-Workout-Routine-running-fitness-tips shilpa-shetty-yoga shilpa-shetty_640x480_51434869468 Shilpa-Shetty-workout-with-trainer Shilpa-Shetty-doing-yoga Bipasha-Basu-Aerobics bipasha basu fitness shilpa-shetty-workout-gallery

Dino has a past with Bipasha Basu and definitely they have been in a relationship but Billo Rani has yet other plans for her future and this was all decades back but unsurprisingly Bipasha Basu has ever been his favorite co star. And Dino seems to be really inspired by Bipasha Basu as well as he stated that she was the first person whom he first dated. But his coming back to industry and that too with Deepika seems like a dream to him.

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Well we wish you good luck for your dream…


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