Popular Bollywood and South Indian movie star, Ileana D’Cruz is getting more and more popular. Here is some of the latest news on what’s new in Ileana D’Cruz’s life:

Ileana : Akshay is an underrated actor…


Ileana D’Cruz has been in the news now-a-days primarily because of her upcoming movie Rustom alongside Akshay Kumar. Recently Ileana’s comment on his co-star Khiladi Kumar Akshay Kumar has been creating a lot of buzz. According to Ileana, Akshay is an underrated actor as his stardom veils his exceptional his acting skills.

On her acting experience alongside Akshay Kumar, she said in a recent interview “It was really amazing to work with him… He’s one of the most underrated actors we have. He’s a superstar… Don’t get me wrong, but as an actor, people talk less about his acting capabilities than his superstardom.”

She said that she loved working opposite him and was pretty upset when the movie was wrapped up. She got very emotional when the movie’s shooting came to an end. To be exact this is what she said when asked about her experience of working alongside Akshay, “I normally don’t get emotional when a film gets over. I am actually excited. I was pretty upset when the film wrapped up, and that I couldn’t get back on the set to play the role opposite Akshay,”

Love struck Ileana D’Cruz’s snapshots with Australian beau


Love struck Ileana D'Cruz's snapshots with Australian beau

Even though Ileana chooses to remain mum on her personal life, her frequent pics with Australian boyfriend Andrew Kneebone reveals all you need to know about her love life. She feels that revealing more about her love life is like exposing the other’s personal life irrespective of their wish. But her actions don’t match her words as even though she does not speak about her beau she does not shy back from posting lovey dovey pics with him.

What Ileana said on actors being blamed for products that turn out to be faulty

Ileana recently appeared in the ad of sports show company ‘Skechers’. Commenting on the recent allegations against stars who endorse products that later turn out to be faulty or below expectations, she said that stars are not to be blamed for it. As per the recent parliamentary panel decisions, any such action by celebs might land them in jail for 5 years alongwith a penalty of 60 lakhs.

Here the All Video of Ileana D’cruz kissing :

On this topic, the Barfi! star commented “I think it is very easy to target an actor. When it comes to a food brand, you really don’t know the specifics, what goes in the making. And if an honest mistake happens in the factory, you can’t blame the actors by saying ‘You are responsible for selling this to people. “There is a certain amount of responsibility, but blaming it completely on the actors is not right.

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Some more Popular video of Ileana D’cruz:

We don’t want the worst for you, we want good things for you”.


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