Seems like Fan has promoted a lot of publicity for Waluscha

Waluscha de Sousa made a debut with Bollywood biggest star Sharukh Khan in the movie Fan, well it has been a tremendous buzz all over the news that this actress has been extremely hot and gracing over the FHM magazine with a sizzling hot black outfit and boys she is absolutely looking damn hot… Well the summer season seems to be extravagantly hot and turn up the heat on with the upcoming of such bold and sexy actresses.

This year Bollywood has been blessed with many hot actresses like Pooja Hegde, Saiyami Kher, Nathalia Kaur and many others are in the queue. Well as a matter of fact she is too hot that even the black summer wear is looking smoky and sizzling and she hot the killer looks that anyone would die to have.Don’t forget Sunny Leone Bikini , Sunny leone sexy photo , Kareena Kapoor Bikini , Katrina Kaif Bikini , Deepika Padukone bikini and Alia Bhatt bikini images Site1


Well along with her magazine cover pics we have brought along the sexy hot pics direct from Waluscha de Sousa Instagram account.. Have a sneak peak at some..

1258653482803046921_356099649 1257837382544698006_356099649 1256220508451023514_356099649 1255789315687492468_356099649 1255746633032313029_356099649 1253362542546823479_356099649 1253480514124819221_356099649 1253594051526568612_356099649 1255088314923920228_356099649 1255614075938318354_356099649 1252644680354015387_356099649 1250082042264725792_356099649 1247141202391246903_356099649 1246172458072451423_356099649 1248370679058311371_356099649 1238120201359763784_356099649 1239113604142770568_356099649 1239836489140448095_356099649 1242597227521157994_356099649 1244251057988086388_356099649 1237698682750020195_356099649 1236751182950083365_356099649 1235255182540450575_356099649 1234945037583297314_356099649 1234806908750703210_356099649 1225973876551887082_356099649 1226716504683752380_356099649 1227419290643770039_356099649 1231773968672271289_356099649 1234572893858867533_356099649 1225765195465926783_356099649 1225346691252136447_356099649 1225163735669713480_356099649 1224641494431345450_356099649 1223614296891108030_356099649 1221633952868510541_356099649 1221677443715738235_356099649 1222175148158265662_356099649 1222344015602034790_356099649 1222919674573400773_356099649 1220992623561976460_356099649 1220988245606181392_356099649 1220783846258682128_356099649


Working with one of the most charming actors certainly gain an attitude to the utmost peak.. To her working with Sharukh Khan, has been a dream come true and she felt lucky and fortunate to work with him.

While on sets she also revealed that how helping Sharukh Khan has been to her. Well working with the most experienced and a senior actor actually means they got your back girl.

After all working with SRK is not an easy task but she made it and thus made her go woosh in her acting career. I know this is all what the upcoming actresses talk about their working consists stars but Dude this is SRK. We hope you guys enjoyed the film, well it was certainly a hell of a task for Sharukh but all seems to go well along.



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